Tutoring & Training

If your desire is to learn the art of navigation, consolidate your experience and gain greater awareness, increasing the overall safety factor, this is what you are looking for.

AuLarge defines, develops and delivers highly customized tutoring programs tailored to your needs, your boat, your experience and availability.
The ultimate goal is to make you sail on your own in complete autonomy.

  • Training stages in windy locations in which you deal with real and/or simulated conditions
  • Personal tutoring on your boat
  • Customized training in your sailing school
  • Owner assisted passage, or AuLarge aboard your boat. For owners taking part in the crew to take advantage of the delivery of their vessel and familiarize with on-board maneuvers, systems and instruments.
  • Conduction/manuevers with short handed crew
  • Wind pilot sailing
  • Engine manuevers in narrow waters

Our vaste teaching experience in sailing schools customized to suit your needs.
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