Our Team

We are a small team of passionate, highly-experienced skippers with round the world sailing experience, in both racing and cruising.
Our team is formed by a network of sailors who know each other from decades. We have sailed together for thousands of miles, which is the only way to be a really close-knit team. Over the years, everyone of us has developed different specific experiences, all centered around the boat element. We love working together and, together, we can help customers with the most different needs and problems. We are independent but not exclusive, we work for companies and privates. We believe that working together gives the opportunity to keep learning while enjoying and that, together, 1+1=3. This is one among the many reasons that drives us, after more than twenty years, to keep working at sea, together.

The Team

Horace Costa Horace Costa 5
25 years and over 100.000 miles of sailing experience around the world.
He crossed his first Atlantic when he was 20, sailed around the world at 24 and…did it again when he was 32, with his own boat and family. Has been sailing since he was a kid, later on almost any sea of the planet, working as captain or crew on a wide range of different boats.
Skills ranging from sailing school to ocean solo sailing, from shipyard to charter, from
marine electronics installation to marine consulting and from worldwide
deliveries to private sailing tutor.
Comfortly sails in perfect english, italian and french



Filippo MasciFilippo Masci
Has more than 35 years and over 100,000 miles of sailing experience in both racing and cruising. He has extensively cruised the Medditerranean and sailed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as the English Channel, North Sea and Baltic.
He has also participated in numerous regattas and in several Worlds Championship in IMS, IOR and Maxi yachts, in the Middle Sea Race, Cowes Week, Copa del Rey, Giraglia, Swan Cup (both in Sardinia, Cowes and Newport), in the Acura Key West and Antigua Sailing Week, and many other sailing events.
He has been CEO of Nautor group and also was involved with BMW Oracle Americas Cup team whilst CEO of Tecno.
Filippo is member of RORC (Royal Ocean Racing Club).
Speaks fluent english, italian and french.



Caterina Nittocaterina nitto
More than 20 years out at sea and countless miles of esperience around the world.
Begins to sail as a child, becomes sailing instructor at the age of 17 and later traines personally future instructors. In 2004 the Greenpeace adventure begins and she ends up to be second deck officer. With the Rainbow Warrior and Esperanza covers an innumerable amount of miles, especially among Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and goes twice as far south as Antarctica, carrying out many battles leading inflatables during activist actions.
At the same time she works as a captain of ships, sailboats and motorboats up to 24 meters in length.
When not at sea she is dedicated to the training of new Greenpeace activists, teaching raft handling special techniques.
Comfortly sail in perfect english and italian.