Deliveries & Crewing


Our Team delivers any boat, anywhere, world-wide, by sea. We cooperate with shipyards to deliver boats to owner or back to shipyard, taking care of the customer care aspect, or we work for individuals.
Pleasure boats, ships or racers.

– Deliveries at beginning / end of the season – Holiday Delivery
– Deliveries to follow a racing circuit – Racing Delivery
РLong-range and worldwide deliveries  РBluewater Delivery
– Deliveries with owner on board – Owner Assisted Delivery
– Deliveries of units affected, damaged, faulty – Emergency Delivery


Our team embarks as a temporary crew member with special skills on any pleasure yacht. Reducing fixed costs of crews, more and more often we are asked for external professionals who are embarked only for specific schedules or needs (deliveries, long journeys, challenging areas, etc.)
We are those professionals.
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